Friday, December 31, 2010

About Me

I am 55 years old (ouch!), married to an equally old wonderful man, and we have two great adult children...still living at home...never leaving...not sure I am happy about that.  LOL.  If they don't leave I will soon push them out...even though I do adore them.

I love learning and doing new things. 
I will expound upon these as I have more time.

Things that are important to me.
  • My Family
  • My Faith
  • My Friends
  • My Talents

Things that I most like to do.  Unfortunately, as my husband says, I have an "all or nothing" mentality.  I cannot seem to focus on more than one of these items at once and when I get into it I become sleep deprived and almost manic.  I love doing what I love to do, and I love to do lots of things.  Right now my focus is on my cross stitch.  Just joined the challenge to finish 15 WIP's in this next year.  Just what I needed to get me going.
  • Needlework:  I have 100, 150,  200+ designs that I MUST DO someday with the list growing every day.  I plug along a little at a time in between my other loves.  I also design needlework, embroidery as well as cross-stitch, and as soon as I can "get around to it" I will get more of them published.  I just keep finding too many that I want to do from other designers.  (Where does one draw the line?)
  • Humanitarian Work:  My stash of fabrics fills two rooms and I am constantly buying more.  Then I get overwhelmed and have to donate much of it to the LDS Humanitarian Society so they can have others help me finish it.  I just can't pass up good quality fabric at $1.00 a yard.  There are so many people in need and I love dreaming of some little child in one of my brightly colord quilts, gowns, or jumpers.
  • Food Storage/Emergency Preparedness:  I wrote and illustrated my own book that "almost" got published.  However, it was right AFTER Y2k and the publishers felt people were no longer interested in food storage.  It is a pretty good book though (with my own illustrations), even though I do say so myself...Maybe one day...
  • Genealogy/Family History: Enjoy collecting histories and old photos of my ancestors particularly.
  • Art: I have a degree in Design from Brigham Young University
  • Quilting:  Started with doing miniature quilts and am gradually expanding to regular sized quilts.  (Just one more thing I don't have time to do.)

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