Thursday, October 6, 2011


Would all of you just stop blogging??!!!?!?!?!.....

just for a few days so that I can get something else done!!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This is why I haven't had much stitching time!!!!  
Been busy the last two weeks bottling.  
Such a great feeling to see my shelves full again, 
and I love my home bottled food.

First I started out with pinto beans.  
I know they look ugly, but they are super easy to do and have a wonderful smooth texture, 
AND I can make chili in 10 minutes now. 
(I do different sized bottles depending on their purpose, salads, tacos, etc.)

Ran out of pears this year, the same year I became addicted to pears and cottage cheese.  
Well, I wasn't going to run out again, so after bottling what was on my tree I
purchased a few more what I thought were SMALL boxes.  
What was I thinking?  I ended up doing 100 pints! I had better not run out again! 

After that I did tomatoes and salsa!

My mom used to make pickled beets when I was little, and then made some last year.  
How it brought back memories of my childhood, so of course, 
when a neighbor offered me her beets I had to bottle them as well.

Then for good measure, just because the green beans came on really late,
and I like to throw zucchini into my soups I did a few dozen green beans and zucchini.

I'm tired now.  
Going to take a little vacation next week.

When I get back and the chicken comes on sale 
I will bottle chicken and ham & bean soup.  
Maybe I'll be done for a year, OR TWO????

Didn't do any last year because of lack of time 
and I thoroughly enjoyed myself this year...
well....except for maybe those 100 pints of pears!

When I am tired at night I get on the computer 
and drool over everyone's stitching progress....
My time will come again in a week or two...or ten!  
Thanks for sharing.  
I love to see what all of you are doing!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


This is pretty complicated I know, but sometimes others like to see how we do things.  Considering the fact that you can be working on these for a long time, it helps to have a way to take them along whereever you go.

In the bottom of the box below I have a stash of paper templates and precut pieces of fabric (not pictured). The box is not very large and is easy to carry with me in the car, etc. 

As I stitch up a batch for one flower I put each in a baggie and then can take them with me so I have something on hand to work on all the time.  In one little baggie I can take my thimble, pair of scissors, spool of thread, and a few flowers, and I am set.

Friday, September 16, 2011


For those of you entering my giveaways for the hexies and the Lizzie Kate designs, I am getting your comments and I love reading every one of them.  Just not enough time to answer every one of you.  Happy stitching! and good luck on the giveaways! 


Took a trip to Shepherd's Bush with my mother yesterday.  How am I supposed to limit my stash when I go to a place like that?!  They have hundreds of stitched models, so many that a number of them are just piled in corners with every square inch in the shop covered.  You will never see another shop like this one!  If you can't find it here you probably can't find it.  Just love this place and I never come away empty handed...Just can't do it!

Ended up spending $70 and wasn't looking for anything in particular.  They had a stitched model of Brenda Gervais' new mystery sampler "Birds of a Feather" that is just stunning in real life.  The ladies at Shepherd's Bush stitch up models of many of the charts using their own choice of fabric and colors and they are amazing, oftentimes much prettier than what the designer has done.  (Sorry designers!)  Anyway, they had a model of Prairie Moon's "Thine is the Trick and the Treat" stitched on a neat greenish linen with Onyx Belle Soie silk floss.  I'm not into a lot of Halloween stitching, but had to have this one.  LOVED the colors they had chosen.  Their Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow was also changed using overdyed floss, and again, it was so much more beautiful even than the original, and I loved the original colors.  Purchased Loose Feathers "Summer" by Blackbird Designs and other patterns.  So happy with my new stash.  Will put up a photo of the Prairie Moon chart for you to see.  Just wish I could stitch everything I love.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

GIVEAWAY - Lizzie Kate

I am going to give away one each of Lizzie Kate's new designs, her first three from her new series, Six Fat Men, and her new Christmas one, Santa Claus is Coming!  (Photos Below.)  To enter just tell me your three favorite designers.  This makes four winners so your chances are good!

Finished piece.

Snowed In

Snow Friends

Snow House

Santa Claus is Coming!

 Ends the evening of September 20th.


For those of you who are quilters and are making a Hexagon quilt, or if you would like to start one, I will give away 100 little hexies in the size you choose.  Please, no more than 2".  Will end the giveaway Monday evening, September 19.
Just enter by commenting on my blog. 

Good luck! 


HEXAGONS!!!!! Finally a quick way to make them!


I have looked everywhere for a paper punch that would do hexagons, but to no avail.  When you are making a trillion of them it is too costly to purchase the packets. 

A couple of weeks ago I went and bought me a new Cricut machine!  Why did I buy a Cricut?  I don't know...I just wanted one.  I liked the cute shapes.  I thought I would make file folder games for humanitarian, you know, third world countries.  Apparently they are used for teaching.  Anyway, as I was looking at the cartridges I saw the hexagon and thought, "WOW, this is what I  have been looking for!"  So........I put in my little cartridge and look what came out!  YEAH!!!  At first I put it on shadow and they were a little too large, but once I figured out the machine here is what I got!   Now that I have cut out 2 million of these little things with scissors I found my answer!  Better late than never I say.

For those of you who are making Hexagons....I have tried several papers, but the one that seems to work best is the paper made to look like parchment.  It comes in several different colors.  It doesn't matter which color you use.  What is important is that I have found this paper is neither too flimsy or too heavy.  It holds its shape well, but my needle goes through it easily.
Click on photo at right to see more pictures of my quilt in progress (for......ummmm......the last 10 years!).

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Thought I'd just share a few fun photos this morning.  They are self-explanatory.

 and my personal favorite...
If you can't read it, the last line says:
"Also, the bridge is out ahead."

Have a great day.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011


About a year ago a friend of mine purchased a couple of homes in an older part of the city and what he discovered in one of them was amazing.  These two houses are being torn down for an apartment building of some kind and several members of his family had gone into the home and reported some very interesting findings.  Among other things...the family of the previous owner had gone in and torn out walls, floors, fixtures...everything imagineable, and had purchased new replacement items that were stored all through the house.  Not only that, but for some reason they left the house suddenly, leaving EVERYTHING behind.  Those who went in reported finding cabinetry, new windows, doors, tile, and every other thing imagineable. 

I just had to go see what this was about.  I like to sew for humanitarian and am always on the lookout for whatever I might be able to use, but WAS I IN FOR THE SHOCK OF MY LIFE!
Over the last year I have made numerous trips back to this house hauling out truckload after truckload of fabric, knits, cottons, fleece, fake fur, decorator fabrics, etc.  The woman had apparently run a few businesses because there were boxes of wedding supplies, supplies for baby showers, gift cards, baby gifts, hundreds of roles of gift wrap, tissue, ribbons, etc.  She had left office supplies, new clothing, numerous new sheet sets, sewing supplies, and on and on and on.  It was a treasure trove and for me it was hot, dusty, dirty and SO MUCH FUN TO SEE WHAT I COULD FIND NEXT!  This lady had to be the ultimate hoarder. 

I figured I had taken out everything I would really want, but then decided to make one last trip back and see if there was anything I had missed.  You see, I love second-hand stores and the way to find all the really neat stuff is to sort through the piles, the places no one else would ever go, and this is what I found on my last trip...

To preface this, I also love antiques, genealogy and family history...

There was a space under the house was almost totally closed off by walls, with just a small space to step down onto some steps into a storage/crawl space.  That is where I found hundreds of rolls of wrapping paper, wall paper, cake decorating supplies, Christmas supplies, old bottles, craft projects, etc.  Back in a dark corner I found this beautiful old scrapbook.

and these are some of the things I found in it.

These special occasion cards are 3-D with several layers that lift. 
This one has two layers.

This card has three layers with a little cut piece that goes across the opening.
Notice the beautiful cutwork on the top layer.

Another two-layer card with intricut cutwork. 
These are taken in darker light so you can see the shadow showing the various layers.

Here is the same piece above showing truer colors, but not so good at showing the layers.

Stuck between the pages were several pieces that I am assuming are from old calling cards. 
Note the fan top center with the beautiful little feathered edge.

Two of the little calling cards found in the book.
In addition there were numerous little cutouts from cards and books.
These are all so beautiful.  I think I will scan good images of them so that you may use them in projects if you wish.  They are so charming.

I love old calling cards, etc. and in the past I have collected these old calling cards, framed, and hung them on my walls. Each one of these has a saying on it that I particularly loved.

From top to bottom:
#1:  This is an artist's palette with the word "Devotion." 
I am an artist so particularly liked this one.
#2:  This one is hand done in what is called "Spencerian Calligraphy." 
This is the type of calligraphy is my favorite and the style that I have done most,
so this piece is special to me.
 #3:  This one says, "Glad Homes."
#4:  The fourth one is quite plain,
but it is the calling card that my grandfather used on his
LDS Mission to Sweden many, many years ago. 
His name is Holger Mangnus Sanders.
#5:  This last one says, "May true friends be around you."

From top to bottom:
#1:  A darling piece with two children taken from a card of some kind.
#2:  "When counting o'er our many joys
Recalled by memory
If 'twill not dim thy pleasure then
Oh! give one thought to me.
#3:  "Blessed are the pure in Heart: for they shall see God."
#4:  No saying.
#5:  Accept my best wishes.

I hope you enjoy these images.


Monday, September 5, 2011



I still have not heard from Tracey who entered my giveaway.  I will pick another name as of Thursday, so if you know Tracey please let her know she needs to contact me so I can get her gift out to her.


What do you think about a community blog to help us find those hard-to-find and out-of-print charts?

Oftentimes one of us has a chart that someone is desperately looking for or we know where it can be found. For instance, several months ago I went to Shepherd's Bush and found 9 (nine) Blackbird Designs, Quaker Garden charts at regular price, and they were going for a fortune on ebay.

It could be helpful to have a blog set up to help others find what they are looking for. Let's face it...We are all faced with that problem from time-to-time.
If one of us runs across a good sale or clearance we can post it for all. Do you know of a store closing? Let's help the store owner clear out his/her inventory. I had one close here in my own community recently when the store owner became very ill. Then she has to figure out what to do with the rest of the inventory. That is another job itself. What about other items that can be purchased at a great price for scrapbooking, quilting, etc. We are a community of really nice people and it would be great to be able to help one another out.

There is probably a site out there already, (I am always a day late!) but I am going to pursue this.
Now I just need a catchy name for it... Any suggestions?

I hope you are all getting some amazing stitching done on this holiday weekend.


Friday, September 2, 2011

WINNERS! Next Giveaway!

Thanks so much everyone for viewing and supporting my blogs. I discovered, thanks to help from some of you, that I do have followers after all, and I have gained a few more in the process.  I just couldn't see them!  Some days they show up and others they are nowhere to be found.  :o( 

Now to the Giveaway...  I have the hardest time just having two winners, but I guess it's better than just one!  Having said that, the winners are:   Catskill Quilter and Tracey.

Ladies contact me and I will get these out to you this week.

That was so fun, and now I have 111 followers on this blog, so guess what!!!!????  I have to have another giveaway!  This time I think I will give away a pattern or two, with some extras.  Will post it just as soon as I decide which patterns.  Anyone have any special requests?

I have turned from a simple stasher to a purveyor of cross stitch supplies.  I just love needlework!  It came from my grandmother, to whom I will always owe my many hours of stitching pleasure. I remember doing my first cross stitch pattern and hated how time consuming it was.  Then I found a pattern I loved.  I had to stitch it, loved the results, and there was no holding me back after that.  I had to buy every pattern I loved and now have in my stash literally hundreds of patterns.  I am a designer as well, but it is hard to get mine done as I want to do so many others.  There are so many talented people out there.

I love holding the patterns and floss and fabric, as well as all the embellishments. I have enough to have a store of my own and have decided I have to work on a retail site.  I am now working on setting up my own business so others can enjoy stitching as well at a little more affordable price, with affordable shipping.  Let's face it...This is not an inexpensive hobby!  Although there is much available out there I buy what I love, mostly samplers, but there are so many cute things I figure I can buy it for others.  If you are looking for something that maybe I can help you with please email me.  I'll do what I can. 

I am setting up a shopping cart, but even though I have done several shopping carts for past jobs, every cart is so different, and I am having a difficult time figuring this one out. 

In the meantime, I have tried a little with my other blog,

What do you think about a community blog to help us find those hard-to-find and out-of-print charts? 

Oftentimes one of us has a chart that someone is desperately looking for or we know where it can be found.  For instance, several months ago I went to Shepherd's Bush and found 9 (nine) Blackbird Designs, Quaker Garden charts at regular price, and they were going for a fortune on ebay. 

It could be helpful to have a blog set up to help others find what they are looking for.  Let's face it...We are all faced with that problem from time-to-time.
If one of us runs across a good sale or clearance we can post it for all.  Do you know of a store closing?  Let's help the store owner clear out his/her inventory.  I had one close here in my own community recently when the store owner became very ill.  Then she has to figure out what to do with the rest of the inventory.  That is another job itself.  What about other items that can be purchased at a great price for scrapbooking, quilting, etc.  We are a community of really nice people and it would be great to be able to help one another out. 

There is probably a site out there already, (I am always a day late!) but I am going to pursue this.
Now I just need a catchy name for it...  Any suggestions?

Well enough for now.  I will post more later on my neat finds.  It's not all just about cross stitch you know!  LOL

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Lizzie Kate Designs available!

The first three designs from Lizzie Kate's
adorable new design,
Six Fat Men is now available.
10% off retail

Shipping is $1.00 for one item. More than one item is $1.50.

You may leave a comment below
or contact me at my email address at

Lizzie Kate

Six Fat Men Series
Finished Design

Snow Friends
$4.50 (-10%)  Only $4.05

Snowed In
$4.50 (-10%) Only $4.05

 Snow House
$4.50 (-10%) Only $4.05

Also available is

Coming to Town Santa, 2011
$4.00 (-10%) Only $3.60

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

FINALLY!!! A couple of photos for the giveaway. Ends end of day August 31.

Here are pictures of the two giveaways.  Each includes 3 cross stich magazines, several skeins of floss, three pieces of linen in different thread counts, an embroidery hoop, and a bag of charms, beads, etc. to add to your stitchery.  Will include the famous Utah Truffle and maybe something more.  Seems pretty boring don't you think?

One more day to enter.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

GIVEAWAY & SALES!!! Great buys on charts and Gentle Art.

Don't miss out on my giveaways to close the evening of August 31.  
(Sorry I don't have photos yet.  :o(  )

Gentle Art Sampler Threads 20% off through Wednesday, August 31.

Friday, August 26, 2011


All Prairie Schooler charts are

Go to my blog at:

to see a listing of all charts available.

If you don't see it, just ask.


Monday, August 22, 2011

GIVEAWAY!!! Most of you aren't lost after all!

I thought I'd lost my followers, but it seems that most of you were never lost at all.  You knew where you were all along!  I just didn't!  A few have given some suggestions on how to show my followers again, and I will try those.  In the meantime, I'm a happier camper now and will definitely be choosing two winners, and the prize is getting bigger!

If you are already a follower, please sign up for the giveaway.  If you are new become a follower and I would love to add you to the giveaway!  Good luck to all of you. 

In the meantime, I will keep adding to my giveaway to be done on August 31 and I will now give you two  three chances to win:

1. if you follow my blog here at,
2. if you add me to your blog, and
3. if you follow my other blog at  (If you buy something I'll give you another chance to win!  (Wink, wink)

If you look at my site you can see I have lots of stash to give and that's not even half of it!
Included will be at least one chart, several skeins of floss, of course a wonderful Utah Mint Truffle bar (or another flavor if you prefer), and some other really cool stuff.  I don't give junk!!!   LOL.  I will post a photo soon.

Thanks so much for your help.


P.S.  I am selling lots of things at 20% off until August 31, including Blackbird Designs, Prairie Schooler, The Drawn Thread, and Gentle Art Sampler Threads.  Go to my site at to see what I have.

CHARTS FOR SALE - Prairie Schooler - 20% off

20% off original price

Go to my sale blog at:

GENTLE ART SAMPLER THREADS 20% off through August

Gentle Art Sampler Threads Fall Cleaning! 

Please go to my retail blog at 
to view available colors and price.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Selling a number of Blackbird Designs Patterns at 20% off retail.  More to come...If it is available from WICHELT IMPORTS I am happy to get it for you.  I will add a small shipping fee and payment may be made via PayPal at Please contact me before making payment to ensure that the pattern is still available.  THIS IS PHOTO HEAVY...PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF UPLOAD IS TOO SLOW.

Thanks.  Peggy


1 - Snow Garden - $9.00 Now $7.20

2 - Valentine Rose - (Two copies) $9.00  Now $7.20 (NOT PICTURED)

3 - A Wish for You - $9.00 Now $7.20

4 - Pink Hill Manor - $9.00 Now $7.20

5 - Farm House - $9.00 Now $7.20

6 - Happy Birthday - $9.00 Now $7.20  (NOT PICTURED)

7 - Swan Lake - $9.00 Now $7.20 (NOT PICTURED)

8 - Clara Ellen - $9.00 Now $7.20

9 - Moonlight Visitor - $9.00 Now $7.20 (NOT PICTURED)

Two Hearts #34 - $9.00 Now $7.20  Includes Bonus Sampler #5 for the beautiful Mystery Sampler
Winter Wonderland #39 - $9.00 Now $7.20


Thank You Sarah Tobias - $22.00 Now $17.60

Needle Necessities - 20 yard skeins - Over 60% off

Needle Necessities Overdyed Floss - 20 yard skeins/6 strands

42 skeins at $1.50/skein over 60% OFF!!!
$163.80 NOW $63.00
Make me an offer!

These threads are the same as Threadworx who took over the Needle Necessities Company.  Threadworx Floss is $3.90 for a 20-yard skein. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blackbird Designs Patterns

I am looking for two Blackbird Designs patterns:  Strawberry Garden which is out of print.  Glad to pay for the pattern or exchange for other BBD patterns that I have.

Thanks.  Peggy

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I am sad right now.  My son was cleaning my bathroom and knocked my beautiful antique child's chamber pot to the ground and broke it.  It was a darling little white ironstone one.  I have never seen another one and it was so beautiful. 

Oh well.  It is only a thing...but I collect these things to protect and save them.  When they get broken I feel like I have let someone down and I feel bad that others will never be able to enjoy it either.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

From Jones Design Company Blog

I felt this was worth passing on.  Emily has made a print of the "Hold Onto Your Fork" saying for purchase.

"I heard a story this weekend and wanted to share. Perhaps you’ve heard it, or maybe it isn’t even true, but the meaning is sweet, nevertheless. You can read many different versions online, but this is my recap:
A woman who was nearing death, requested that she be buried with a fork in her hand. When asked why a fork, she went on to share that her favorite moment was when following a meal, she was reminded to ‘hold on to her fork’ which, of course, meant dessert was on its way.
She chose to be buried with a fork as a beautifully symbolic picture to those who would mourn her death that this world was not her home, but that the best was yet to come. Her view of eternity was so true … a place where even the best of this world would pale in comparison to what Heaven will offer.
I know it is easy to fear death or pain or hardship – especially when you just can’t seem to escape it – but please know that there is good to come for those who put their trust in God. Whatever your circumstance, whatever your current struggle, whatever your fear, know that not only is there hope of an eternal life with our Lord, but He also offers unexplainable peace, joy and comfort as we walk through trials here in this messy world.
Be encouraged and remember to hold on to your fork – the best is yet to come."


I love this beautiful video, "I am a child of God."  It touches my heart in so many ways.  I hope you enjoy it too.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Yup!  I turned 56 today!  Why is it my mind feels 30 and the rest of me feels 100?  Did my workout and barely made it through today.  I had worked so hard yesterday I just couldn't get my energy back...but I will perservere!  This definitely means another giveaway...Just give me some time to get it together.  I need another 20 hours in a day...

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Edgar over at "Blacksheep's bit of the web" is having a 4-year anniversary giveaway and I am sure it will be great.  Closes May 7.  You may find his site here:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


INSTALLING SPRING...███████████████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 44% DONE

Install delayed....please wait. Installation failed. Please try again. 404 error: Season not found. Season "Spring" cannot be located. The season you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So where is this Mother Nature?  I need to have a word with her!!!  We get a warm day and then snow, a warm day and then snow.  This is April for goodness sakes!  In 1983 I was working in downtown Salt Lake when we had so much mountain runoff that the main street through Salt Lake City was sandbagged and a river was literally running down main street with a bridge built across it.  We were watching guard day and night in our little community to ensure that the flooding didn't overflow the banks and flood our homes. Great memories of neighborhood comraderie, but we really don't need a repeat!  This year we have far exceeded the amount of snow/moisture we had that year and are just praying that it will melt slowly or we could have more disasters.  Even so, I would just like to know if I can stick to one wardrobe eventually.  Boots and coats one day and no jackets the next.  I am so confused!


For a great couple of giveaways go to Crossstitch and Cupcakes.  She is celebrating her third blogiversary!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Okay, so I have to brag somewhere!  If you don't like braggarts then you may wish to stop reading here.......

Six months ago I could not even walk 1/4 mile without heavy breathing and taking a break.  TODAY.......TA TA DA DA!  I ran 2-1/2 miles with only a few seconds of walking to catch my breath at one point toward the end.  I was exhausted because we had to run a mile, do 21 clean and presses (a particular type of weight lifting from ground to overhead), run 1/2 mile, do 21 more clean and presses, and then run another mile.  I DID IT!!!!  I am so proud of myself and even though I am a little tired I FEEL AWESOME!  I AM SO ADDICTED TO MY WORKOUTS NOW!  Who would have ever thought little old me would get to this point?!

SALE - LHN & CCN - 15% off this week

15% off original price this week
Little House Needleworks and Country Cottage Needleworks

Go to: