Friday, December 10, 2010

New Finds

I liked these so much that this item (a package of AquaGem granules)
will be part of my next giveaway!

*Winter Special* 6-pack 10g AquaGems

Holiday Centerpiece

I went to the Wholesale Gift Show in Salt Lake City on Saturday and found a fun new item that I wanted to share with you.

These are Aqua-Gems.  You add water to the tiny granules and as they absorb the liquid they become clear marble sized balls in fun colors.  Beautiful for parties and other celebrations, especially weddings.  Flowers last much longer when placed in a vase with these gems.  I have used something similar for years in my outdoor pots.  The gems absorb water so that they provide a constant water source for your flowers.  They last a VERY long time, and as the water evaporates you simply have to add more water to rehydrate.

Pumpkin Face

They also sell small lights that can be placed among the marbles that enhance the arrangement.  These can be switched to display different colors as well. 

Bulk Twelve-pack Brightspot RAINBOWTwo-pack Brightspot SELECT

You may find their site at

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  1. I love aqua gems! They are so fun to play with. LOL. I've never seen the lights before that's a pretty cool idea!