Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shepherd's Bush

My friend and I took the hour-long drive to Ogden, Utah to Shepherd's Bush today.  I just had to show her what a fun place it is.  It never fails to amaze me how they can take a design that has never interested me and change the fabric and thread colors to create a fabulous new design that I can't resist.  They have been using a lot of overdyed fabrics to stitch their shop models along with changing plain colors to overdyes and it is unbelievable what a difference it makes. 

I have really liked Carriage House Sampling's chart, Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow, but when I saw it today done in overdyed floss I HAD to have the chart so I could get the floss changes as well.  Such talented women!

They have stitched Lizzie Kate samplers in overdyes floss along with overdyed fabrics and it creates a whole new feel from the bright colors to a bit more subdued and even more elegant. 

If you haven't been there, the shop is very nondescript outside, but you walk into a place packed literally from ceiling to floor with models.  There is not one space that is empty with models even stacked up against each other and stitched pillows piled in the corners.

Also, for any of you looking for the Blackbird Designs Quaker Sampler pattern, they had several there at $8.00, less than anything I have found on ebay. 

They don't have an online shop for other designers, but you can just get online to get their phone number and call, as they have lots of items that you might not be able to find anywhere else. 

Their new charts that include small bits of Quaker motifs are stunning as well, giving their designs a bit more substance and structure that I REALLY like.  Am going to have to get Oh, Beautiful and Sail Away as soon as my pocketbook will allow.  As for today, I spent my money on the Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow as well as a simple pattern by Silver Creek Samplers titled "Count Your Blessings" that I must admit I would have never looked at twice, except the ladies at Shepherd's Bush had stitched it on a gorgeous piece of olive green overdyed linen calld "Kudzu?" that made the sampler simply stunning.  Will have to post it when I get it done.  Amazing little piece.  They had changed one of the floss colors as well, so if you call for the pattern and fabric ask for the floss change as well.

Had a GREAT day today and excited to get some WIP's done so I can start these new ones. 

Have a super day!  Peggy


  1. Peggy I've been dreaming about visting SB for sometime and reading your description really makes me want to go. I noticed in one of your pattern lists Patricia Andrle--you're the first person I've met who seems to know her. When I began stitching (not so long ago) I found a pattern of hers and set out to collect them all because she is so creative. Can't wait to see the things yu bought, sorry for the novel!

  2. Hi there Peggy,

    Am very happy that o t h e r Peggy/Kentucky Sampler sent me over, she's such a good egg to share your blog with the rest of us who've been in the dark:)

    Adore your sampler wall, your Mom's finishes are treasures. Looking forward to seeing more of your handwork.

    Sweet Stitchin....