Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I just came back from a viewing for  the son of a friend of ours.  He had taken his own life.  My heart aches for them.  I ache for him.  I ache for so many who have taken the same path.  This is the sixth or seventh young adult that I have known and each one is so hard to comprehend.  They each come from good, happy homes.  Most were happy, confident, and successful kids. 

I just cannot understand, but the only thing that I can surmise is that life is so difficult for our young people.  They cannot comprehend the finality of their decisions, and when one is so depressed, enough to take his or her life, they are obviously not able to understand the pain that they will be inflicting on their friends and family.  Heavenly Father must be aching for them as well, and I pray that he will take them in his arms and bless and comfort them, and heal them from the pain they have endured, and I especially pray for comfort and peace for those that are left behind.  He is a loving Father and will make all right eventually, and his judgements will be kind and just.

On a much lighter note...because I need to get myself feeling better...Yesterday I went to my Cross Fit workout and on the way ate a piece of pecan fudge.  YUMMM!  The funny thing was that I confessed the "error of my ways" to a couple of the other women in the group.  One told me she had eaten a whole row of Oreo cookies the night before and the other had been craving chocolate so had baked a chocolate cake.  We all felt sick during the workout.  Not sure it was worth it.  We are so naughty, but we had a good laugh.  Hey, we are working out hard!  We deserve to treat ourselves once in a while. LOL  We just had to make a pact not to "rat" on each other to the instructor who is constantly telling us we HAVE to eat right.


  1. What sad news about your friend. It is so hard on those left behind.

    I love how you and others in your group prepare for your workouts!

  2. The difference is that they are skinny young things and I am not, but we sure have a lot of good laughs together, along with all the sweating. Anyone up for Mexican food?!!!!

  3. So sad about the young boy. I hope his family somehow finds healing.

    I curse at my elliptical EVERY time I get on it and when I finish I say "now I don't have to do that again for at least 24 hours, YAY".

    I'm sitting here eating out of a bowl of chocolate chips right now. :o(