Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beautiful Gift

I had sent out a plea for a couple of Bent Creek charts that I couldn't find.  Mary Murphy (Xeyedmary) offered me the December Swirls pattern, and of course I accepted.  :o)  What I did not expect was to get a box in the mail with all of these wonderful treats.  It just made me smile the rest of the day.  It was like someone had put their arms around me and gave me a huge hug, and who doesn't need a good hug now and then? 

Notice that it didn't take long to get into the popcorn drizzled with dark and white chocolate and it took an even shorter period of time to eat it all.  (I tried to save some for my hubby, but it just kept calling to me.)  There were also two beautiful pieces of fabric, some morning glory seeds that I have wanted to try for years, and darling carrot chocolates.  I am loving blogging more every day, but especially the wonderful kindhearted women I am meeting.  Wish we could all live close and meet face to face.  Wouldn't that be a treat!!!

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