Friday, March 25, 2011

Giveaway That I Received

Lovely Giveaway that I received from Cat.

This didn't arrive until a few weeks ago just as I was leaving town.  I got home and couldn't find my camera, etc. etc. so I owe her a huge apology for not getting this posted before now.  I feel badly that the darling little pillow she stitched must have fallen down and I didn't notice it as I was taking the photo.  Lots of fun little things, candy, ribbon, a reed diffuser, and more.  My favorites are the little pillow and the scissor fob.  I have one pair of scissors and now I have a fob!!!  I must admit, I have loved it.  I can fiind my scissors anytime now.  Thanks so much Cat!!!  It was so fun to receive.

Now, can anyone tell me about where to find one of those scissor frogs or whatever you call them that holds all your scissors?  Guess I am going to have to start a collection of scissors and my newfound love, fobs!!!LOL


  1. What a wonderful win Peggy! You lucky girl!

    I found every one of my scissor frogs at local flea markets and antique shops. You can pick them up for just a few dollars or more, depending on where you go. You can get the kind that stand by themselves or the ones you put on a bowl. I have one that sits on a little sherbet cup!
    Be sure to let us know when/if you find one. I wish I was at home to look in my antique shop where I know they have several for a great price. If you don't have one by mid-May I'll be sure to send you one...remind me, will ya?

  2. oooo lovely win there :) and scissors and fobs are most addictive ./.lol love mouse xxx

  3. Lol I need to find a scissor frog thing for my collection too! I'm so glad you like all the goodies. And I totally understand about taking forever to get stuff done sometimes. :)