Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Little Lightheartedness

Couldn't be anything cuter.  This is my little "grandson."  He is three years old and lives next door.  His parents have had to put extra high locks on the doors because he keeps coming to my house all hours of the day, even with no coat or shoes in a snowstorm.

One day his older brother told me that little Joe was just laying under the piano bench staring dreamily overhead, so he asked him what he was doing. 
His answer, "Just thinking." 
"What are you thinking about?" 
"I'm just thinking about Peggy at Peggy's house." 
Aww!  I dare anyone to resist that!
Yesterday he was twirling around the house while proclaiming loudly, "I'm a toilet!  I'm a toilet!"

From the mouths of babes.  :o)


  1. CUTE Peggy! I think you have a little friend for life!

  2. That's cute! Cherish all these little things because they grow up before you know it, Valerie

  3. Peggy, how blessed you are to have them so close. Enjoy every moment you have with them and take lots and lots of pictures.
    Blessings, Barbara