Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So where is this Mother Nature?  I need to have a word with her!!!  We get a warm day and then snow, a warm day and then snow.  This is April for goodness sakes!  In 1983 I was working in downtown Salt Lake when we had so much mountain runoff that the main street through Salt Lake City was sandbagged and a river was literally running down main street with a bridge built across it.  We were watching guard day and night in our little community to ensure that the flooding didn't overflow the banks and flood our homes. Great memories of neighborhood comraderie, but we really don't need a repeat!  This year we have far exceeded the amount of snow/moisture we had that year and are just praying that it will melt slowly or we could have more disasters.  Even so, I would just like to know if I can stick to one wardrobe eventually.  Boots and coats one day and no jackets the next.  I am so confused!


  1. LOL! Same thing here - well, without the snow. We are on a rollercoaster from a high of 80 to a high of 56 all within a day. Back to 80 this weekend!

  2. Peggy - When you talk with her, would please ask her to turn the wind off as well!! lol Denver has had very little moisture all winter but almost constant wind! The mountains have had record snowfall though, so there are some concerns of flooding in the foothills. We just never know what to expect in the rockies, even on the plains!!!!