Thursday, May 19, 2011


I am sad right now.  My son was cleaning my bathroom and knocked my beautiful antique child's chamber pot to the ground and broke it.  It was a darling little white ironstone one.  I have never seen another one and it was so beautiful. 

Oh well.  It is only a thing...but I collect these things to protect and save them.  When they get broken I feel like I have let someone down and I feel bad that others will never be able to enjoy it either.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

From Jones Design Company Blog

I felt this was worth passing on.  Emily has made a print of the "Hold Onto Your Fork" saying for purchase.

"I heard a story this weekend and wanted to share. Perhaps you’ve heard it, or maybe it isn’t even true, but the meaning is sweet, nevertheless. You can read many different versions online, but this is my recap:
A woman who was nearing death, requested that she be buried with a fork in her hand. When asked why a fork, she went on to share that her favorite moment was when following a meal, she was reminded to ‘hold on to her fork’ which, of course, meant dessert was on its way.
She chose to be buried with a fork as a beautifully symbolic picture to those who would mourn her death that this world was not her home, but that the best was yet to come. Her view of eternity was so true … a place where even the best of this world would pale in comparison to what Heaven will offer.
I know it is easy to fear death or pain or hardship – especially when you just can’t seem to escape it – but please know that there is good to come for those who put their trust in God. Whatever your circumstance, whatever your current struggle, whatever your fear, know that not only is there hope of an eternal life with our Lord, but He also offers unexplainable peace, joy and comfort as we walk through trials here in this messy world.
Be encouraged and remember to hold on to your fork – the best is yet to come."


I love this beautiful video, "I am a child of God."  It touches my heart in so many ways.  I hope you enjoy it too.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Yup!  I turned 56 today!  Why is it my mind feels 30 and the rest of me feels 100?  Did my workout and barely made it through today.  I had worked so hard yesterday I just couldn't get my energy back...but I will perservere!  This definitely means another giveaway...Just give me some time to get it together.  I need another 20 hours in a day...