Thursday, May 19, 2011


I am sad right now.  My son was cleaning my bathroom and knocked my beautiful antique child's chamber pot to the ground and broke it.  It was a darling little white ironstone one.  I have never seen another one and it was so beautiful. 

Oh well.  It is only a thing...but I collect these things to protect and save them.  When they get broken I feel like I have let someone down and I feel bad that others will never be able to enjoy it either.


  1. I can relate to your sadness....with three boys, I have had a couple of my older, nonreplacable things broken.

  2. Ugh - you have a son who cleans YOUR bathroom? I'm lucky if I can get my son to clean his own bathroom. You gotta look at the bright side.

  3. No one has right to blame children! i have my kids always do this and i blame myself!@bose

  4. I understand your feeling. It's like this object has lasted a hundred years...and now, when it should be safe with me as it's designated caretaker, it becomes broken. I feel sad in those situations also. But, I have to keep remembering that they are just "things"--but it's hard.

    Deb from