Saturday, August 20, 2011

Needle Necessities - 20 yard skeins - Over 60% off

Needle Necessities Overdyed Floss - 20 yard skeins/6 strands

42 skeins at $1.50/skein over 60% OFF!!!
$163.80 NOW $63.00
Make me an offer!

These threads are the same as Threadworx who took over the Needle Necessities Company.  Threadworx Floss is $3.90 for a 20-yard skein. 


  1. Please contact me regarding any of the Needle Necessities floss that you have left. I love this floss - it is wonderful to work with. My email is -

    Many Thanks!
    I did look for a contact you button and did not find one - so hopefully this works!

    1. I think I replied to you on the Needle Necessities floss didn't I? I got it via email, but then noticed this message on my blog and am not sure if it is the same person. If you are still interested feel free to contact me.