Wednesday, September 21, 2011


This is pretty complicated I know, but sometimes others like to see how we do things.  Considering the fact that you can be working on these for a long time, it helps to have a way to take them along whereever you go.

In the bottom of the box below I have a stash of paper templates and precut pieces of fabric (not pictured). The box is not very large and is easy to carry with me in the car, etc. 

As I stitch up a batch for one flower I put each in a baggie and then can take them with me so I have something on hand to work on all the time.  In one little baggie I can take my thimble, pair of scissors, spool of thread, and a few flowers, and I am set.

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  1. Great way to keep those hexies all organized and ready to go out the door.