Tuesday, September 6, 2011


About a year ago a friend of mine purchased a couple of homes in an older part of the city and what he discovered in one of them was amazing.  These two houses are being torn down for an apartment building of some kind and several members of his family had gone into the home and reported some very interesting findings.  Among other things...the family of the previous owner had gone in and torn out walls, floors, fixtures...everything imagineable, and had purchased new replacement items that were stored all through the house.  Not only that, but for some reason they left the house suddenly, leaving EVERYTHING behind.  Those who went in reported finding cabinetry, new windows, doors, tile, and every other thing imagineable. 

I just had to go see what this was about.  I like to sew for humanitarian and am always on the lookout for whatever I might be able to use, but WAS I IN FOR THE SHOCK OF MY LIFE!
Over the last year I have made numerous trips back to this house hauling out truckload after truckload of fabric, knits, cottons, fleece, fake fur, decorator fabrics, etc.  The woman had apparently run a few businesses because there were boxes of wedding supplies, supplies for baby showers, gift cards, baby gifts, hundreds of roles of gift wrap, tissue, ribbons, etc.  She had left office supplies, new clothing, numerous new sheet sets, sewing supplies, and on and on and on.  It was a treasure trove and for me it was hot, dusty, dirty and SO MUCH FUN TO SEE WHAT I COULD FIND NEXT!  This lady had to be the ultimate hoarder. 

I figured I had taken out everything I would really want, but then decided to make one last trip back and see if there was anything I had missed.  You see, I love second-hand stores and the way to find all the really neat stuff is to sort through the piles, the places no one else would ever go, and this is what I found on my last trip...

To preface this, I also love antiques, genealogy and family history...

There was a space under the house was almost totally closed off by walls, with just a small space to step down onto some steps into a storage/crawl space.  That is where I found hundreds of rolls of wrapping paper, wall paper, cake decorating supplies, Christmas supplies, old bottles, craft projects, etc.  Back in a dark corner I found this beautiful old scrapbook.

and these are some of the things I found in it.

These special occasion cards are 3-D with several layers that lift. 
This one has two layers.

This card has three layers with a little cut piece that goes across the opening.
Notice the beautiful cutwork on the top layer.

Another two-layer card with intricut cutwork. 
These are taken in darker light so you can see the shadow showing the various layers.

Here is the same piece above showing truer colors, but not so good at showing the layers.

Stuck between the pages were several pieces that I am assuming are from old calling cards. 
Note the fan top center with the beautiful little feathered edge.

Two of the little calling cards found in the book.
In addition there were numerous little cutouts from cards and books.
These are all so beautiful.  I think I will scan good images of them so that you may use them in projects if you wish.  They are so charming.

I love old calling cards, etc. and in the past I have collected these old calling cards, framed, and hung them on my walls. Each one of these has a saying on it that I particularly loved.

From top to bottom:
#1:  This is an artist's palette with the word "Devotion." 
I am an artist so particularly liked this one.
#2:  This one is hand done in what is called "Spencerian Calligraphy." 
This is the type of calligraphy is my favorite and the style that I have done most,
so this piece is special to me.
 #3:  This one says, "Glad Homes."
#4:  The fourth one is quite plain,
but it is the calling card that my grandfather used on his
LDS Mission to Sweden many, many years ago. 
His name is Holger Mangnus Sanders.
#5:  This last one says, "May true friends be around you."

From top to bottom:
#1:  A darling piece with two children taken from a card of some kind.
#2:  "When counting o'er our many joys
Recalled by memory
If 'twill not dim thy pleasure then
Oh! give one thought to me.
#3:  "Blessed are the pure in Heart: for they shall see God."
#4:  No saying.
#5:  Accept my best wishes.

I hope you enjoy these images.



  1. What a find....what a story....thank you for sharing.

  2. oooohh would love to have been with you when you found that :) and the other goodies too :) love mouse xxxx

  3. Thanks for sharing your great finds!

  4. When I first moved to Kentucky I hiked the woods behind our house and found many abandoned homes. This post reminds me of the old stuff but NOT ANYTHING like you found! What a treasure! Thanks for sharing.

  5. You wonder what would make someone leave all their treasures behind like that? It was a great find for sure. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  6. Peggy, what a haul! Sounds like you made some great finds. Glad it was someone like you to rescue them and make use of the 'finds'.

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