Friday, September 16, 2011


Took a trip to Shepherd's Bush with my mother yesterday.  How am I supposed to limit my stash when I go to a place like that?!  They have hundreds of stitched models, so many that a number of them are just piled in corners with every square inch in the shop covered.  You will never see another shop like this one!  If you can't find it here you probably can't find it.  Just love this place and I never come away empty handed...Just can't do it!

Ended up spending $70 and wasn't looking for anything in particular.  They had a stitched model of Brenda Gervais' new mystery sampler "Birds of a Feather" that is just stunning in real life.  The ladies at Shepherd's Bush stitch up models of many of the charts using their own choice of fabric and colors and they are amazing, oftentimes much prettier than what the designer has done.  (Sorry designers!)  Anyway, they had a model of Prairie Moon's "Thine is the Trick and the Treat" stitched on a neat greenish linen with Onyx Belle Soie silk floss.  I'm not into a lot of Halloween stitching, but had to have this one.  LOVED the colors they had chosen.  Their Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow was also changed using overdyed floss, and again, it was so much more beautiful even than the original, and I loved the original colors.  Purchased Loose Feathers "Summer" by Blackbird Designs and other patterns.  So happy with my new stash.  Will put up a photo of the Prairie Moon chart for you to see.  Just wish I could stitch everything I love.


  1. ooooooo ,, I would love to have joined you in the browse .. sounds my kinda place :) can't wait to see the photos .. have got my lace hankie ready to mop up my lady like drool heheh :) love mouse xxxx

  2. Is this shop run by the same people who designed the Shepherd's Bush charts? Please post pics of your "Thine" as you work on it. That's one I want to purchase, too.

  3. sounds like a wonderful FUN FILLED day...
    it is so fun to go stash shopping, even when we THINK we are just looking!!!