Thursday, October 6, 2011


Would all of you just stop blogging??!!!?!?!?!.....

just for a few days so that I can get something else done!!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This is why I haven't had much stitching time!!!!  
Been busy the last two weeks bottling.  
Such a great feeling to see my shelves full again, 
and I love my home bottled food.

First I started out with pinto beans.  
I know they look ugly, but they are super easy to do and have a wonderful smooth texture, 
AND I can make chili in 10 minutes now. 
(I do different sized bottles depending on their purpose, salads, tacos, etc.)

Ran out of pears this year, the same year I became addicted to pears and cottage cheese.  
Well, I wasn't going to run out again, so after bottling what was on my tree I
purchased a few more what I thought were SMALL boxes.  
What was I thinking?  I ended up doing 100 pints! I had better not run out again! 

After that I did tomatoes and salsa!

My mom used to make pickled beets when I was little, and then made some last year.  
How it brought back memories of my childhood, so of course, 
when a neighbor offered me her beets I had to bottle them as well.

Then for good measure, just because the green beans came on really late,
and I like to throw zucchini into my soups I did a few dozen green beans and zucchini.

I'm tired now.  
Going to take a little vacation next week.

When I get back and the chicken comes on sale 
I will bottle chicken and ham & bean soup.  
Maybe I'll be done for a year, OR TWO????

Didn't do any last year because of lack of time 
and I thoroughly enjoyed myself this year...
well....except for maybe those 100 pints of pears!

When I am tired at night I get on the computer 
and drool over everyone's stitching progress....
My time will come again in a week or two...or ten!  
Thanks for sharing.  
I love to see what all of you are doing!