Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This is why I haven't had much stitching time!!!!  
Been busy the last two weeks bottling.  
Such a great feeling to see my shelves full again, 
and I love my home bottled food.

First I started out with pinto beans.  
I know they look ugly, but they are super easy to do and have a wonderful smooth texture, 
AND I can make chili in 10 minutes now. 
(I do different sized bottles depending on their purpose, salads, tacos, etc.)

Ran out of pears this year, the same year I became addicted to pears and cottage cheese.  
Well, I wasn't going to run out again, so after bottling what was on my tree I
purchased a few more what I thought were SMALL boxes.  
What was I thinking?  I ended up doing 100 pints! I had better not run out again! 

After that I did tomatoes and salsa!

My mom used to make pickled beets when I was little, and then made some last year.  
How it brought back memories of my childhood, so of course, 
when a neighbor offered me her beets I had to bottle them as well.

Then for good measure, just because the green beans came on really late,
and I like to throw zucchini into my soups I did a few dozen green beans and zucchini.

I'm tired now.  
Going to take a little vacation next week.

When I get back and the chicken comes on sale 
I will bottle chicken and ham & bean soup.  
Maybe I'll be done for a year, OR TWO????

Didn't do any last year because of lack of time 
and I thoroughly enjoyed myself this year...
well....except for maybe those 100 pints of pears!

When I am tired at night I get on the computer 
and drool over everyone's stitching progress....
My time will come again in a week or two...or ten!  
Thanks for sharing.  
I love to see what all of you are doing!


  1. You have been very busy! Enjoyed seeing all your newly canned food!

  2. Wow, that's an incredible amount of food that you've canned! Good for you! I haven't canned anything since my boys left home. I don't think we'd go through it fast enough now.

  3. I am impressed with all the hard work you've been doing. Your jars of food all look fabulous! Wonderful!

  4. What an incredible amount of canning! I bet it's all delicious too.

  5. Wow that is a lot of canning you did!!! there is a lot of work that goes into canning. I remember doing it with my mother and grandmother growing up. I haven't done it in many years.
    Happy Stitching

  6. Wow, you have done a great work! You may take some vacation as soon as you can.
    Have a good day.

  7. wow! You have been very busy but it will all be so yummy in the coming months...
    hey, I have never done pears but my husband asked me to....are they hard to do???