Saturday, April 28, 2012

Children Are Smarter Than We Give Them Credit For

Last Sunday my son overheard two young boys outside the bishop's office.  (Minister, chaplain, etc.)  One of them said to the other, "If you call me 'stupid' and then say you are sorry he will give you a piece of candy."  ......Priceless....

Friday, April 20, 2012


My new goal is to blog more consistently.  I have tried to figure out where to start, as I haven't blogged for SIX MONTHS!!!  Where did the time go?  Anyway, can't figure out a starting point so I will just jump right in.

Thought I would share ONE of the things that I have been up to for the past couple of months. I am taking an applique class.  Haven't done much of it before, but I have definitely enjoyed it.  I don't usually take classes to learn new things, but I have learned some great little techniques that have made a big difference in my technique.


I chose to do this pattern that I have had for awhile.  It is Flowers From My Garden by Lori Smith.  I saw it done up in a quilt shop and loved it.  I don't decorate with pastels either, so I decided to go a different route.


This piece determined all the colors I used in my quilt.  First I chose a border print that I absolutely loved.  I had picked this piece up a while back and fortunately I had exactly what I needed for this quilt.


Obviously, a computer screen doesn't do it justice, but the colors are rich greens, reds, and golds with a bit of purple and blue in there.  Then I pulled from my stash everything I thought would go with this fabric and ended up with these.  I added more pieces as I have gone along, but this was a great start.  Just love the colors.


There are 16 blocks, and I have been working on this for two months.  Here is a photo of what I have done so far.  As you can see, it is very different from the original.  The colors almost look like they are Pennsylvania Dutch, but again, they are actually darker and richer than they look in the photos.

My problem, as with everything I do, I want to design some of my own now.  So little time.....